Holiday Gift Ideas for the STEM People in Your Life!

December 08, 2021

Hi All,
So sorry I’ve been absent recently. Exam season has been a whirlwind! I will be doing a debrief of the semester and updating you on all the things my first semester as a PhD student has taught me, but until then, I wanted to give you all holiday shopping ideas for the STEM people in your life. I hope you enjoy my list!

(PS - I am not sponsored by any of these shops or companies. When creating this list, I aimed to support small businesses.)
My Top Gift Idea:
1. THE Publication Mug: One of my favorite gifts to give anyone in STEM is this publication mug! I gave a mug like this to my supervisor of one of our first publications together and she loved it. It was a way to remind her everyday of the work we were doing and that our work is important.
 Ideas for any scientist!
2.  For all the scientists in your life, this cute sticker or keyring!: &

3. Science Cookie Cutter Search:

4. Science inspired jewelry: The science inspired jewelry:
For us STEMinists or women in stem:
5. I have talked about this book before and I will certainly be talking about it again! This book gave me the motto quote for my blog: “There have always been highly capable women wanting to be scientists,”Rita Colwell, PhD. I firmly believe at least all women in STEM should read this book. It is fascinating to hear perspectives about how hard it was for women to be involved in STEM in the past and where we’ve come from there. There is also several fascinating chapters on anthrax, cholera, and more science mixed it! It is a great mix of personal anecdote, history, science, and more. P.S. A great small business place to buy books is Abe Books:

6. This adorable Women in the Lab printout. Add a frame and you have a gift ready to go and no shipping worries!:

7. This lovely mug reminding us of the many women in science:
For the Biologists/ Physicians/ Microbiologists:
8. This book by Dr. Sharon Moalem: Survival of the Sickest. It is unbelievably thought provoking and filled with interesting theories. This book really challenges you to open your thoughts to new ideas in science that may differ from what you learned in the classroom. Find this book on amazon or even better through a local bookstore or small business. Abe Books is a great choice. This is a link to my local bookstore that will ship directly to you:
 For the Coders and Engineers:
9. This fun coding keyring:

10. Fun shirt in men and women sizes:
For the Chemists and Botanists and other plant obsessed people:
11. How fun is this terrarium kit!

12. Virus planter? Hilarious!
 For the Anatomists, Histologists, and other Med Student Peoples:
13. This shop has cool prints, mugs, and more. I absolutely love all the eye prints and mugs!!:
Mug with an image of the Retina!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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