Science Books!

Looking for your next thought provoking science book? Look no further! Check out my favorite science reads and book review. I promise, you won't regret it.

1. You've all heard me reference this book several times on my blog, so it should be no surprise that my number 1 science book choice is A Lab of One's Own By: Rita Colwell. If you want to learn about women's experience in science from the 1960s until 2019, this is the book for you! Filled with determination, inspiration, and a fascinating look into leadership in science, I couldn't recommend it enough.

2. Sharon Moalem's Survival of the Sickest was thought provoking and exciting! Based on different theories and research studies, Dr. Moalem explores a different disease in each chapter and discusses why sometimes disease can be a double edge sword, both providing an protection and damage to the body.

3. Relatable, hilarious, and a super fun read! Check out this STEM Romance novel!

4. An adorable book showcasing girls exploring science!

5. An honest book discussing the horrors of the origins of gynecology that brutally harmed women who were slaves.  I found this an important read exposing a very dark part of medical history. 

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